Time for Change

It’s time for a change! What? You know…new year, new life. Um, it’s the middle of February. Aren’t you getting started a little late? Well, yes. But– No buts. You’re late. And you haven’t posted a thing since November 17. This is change? It hasn’t been that long. Has it? Go on and check. I’ll wait. After all, that’s all […]

Yellow Jackets and Laughter

Yellow Jackets and Laughter As I’ve mentioned in several previous posts, my mother’s death instigated my drive and desire to begin minimizing. Being responsible for the disposition of her belongings made me realize just how much unnecessary and unneeded things there were in the house. And how those things can hold a wealth of memories. A long life was lived, […]

Decluttering Christmas

My minimalism Facebook groups are starting to heat up with discussions about Christmas. Some are asking for advice on telling family members that they don’t want to receive gifts, or that they’d prefer family members gift experiences to their kids rather than more stuff (a weekend with the grandparents, a trip to an amusement park, etc.). Some are asking how […]

Changing Gears (Slightly)

Changing gears is not always easy. When I started this blog, I didn’t want it to be one of those that only offered advice and instruction on how to declutter and minimize. I intended it to be an online journal of my journey. Plus, there are plenty of other minimalism and decluttering sites out there offering advice and instruction. What […]

Clothing Challenges

Can you resist a challenge? Lots of people can’t. That’s why making a game out of pursuing a goal makes the pursuit more engaging and entertaining. And if you’re having fun, that makes it more likely you’ll achieve the goal. With minimalism challenges, no one really loses if you fail. By your very participation, you learn and grow in your […]

Clothes, Clothes, and More Clothes

Clothes. What would we be without them? Naked, I suppose. Which would not be a pretty sight for a good part of the population. So we have clothes. We have spring outfits and summer togs, autumn attire and winter wardrobes. We have workout gear and lounge wear, casual duds and formal ensembles. We have night clothes and costumes and work […]

Happy Fall, Y’All!

We interrupt your wait for the scheduled blog post about clothes to bring you the following………. It’s that lovely time of year when our thoughts turn to falling leaves, cooler temperatures, and pumpkin spice everything. Even this…   This weekend, I decided to pull all the fall decorations out of the attic and give them a good sort-through. There wasn’t […]

Kitchen Decluttering, the Abyss

Growing up, we always keep cleaning products under the sink, in both the kitchen and bathroom. Dishwashing soap, SOS pads, Formula 409, Windex, Pledge, maybe spare sponges, rags, and rubber gloves were kept under the kitchen sink, and Comet cleanser, spare bars of soap, extra shampoo and conditioner, and –ahem– “feminine” and “masculine” products were in the bathroom. Parents then […]