Happy Fall, Y’All!

We interrupt your wait for the scheduled blog post about clothes to bring you the following………. It’s that lovely time of year when our thoughts turn to falling leaves, cooler temperatures, and pumpkin spice everything. Even this…   This weekend, I decided to pull all the fall decorations out of the attic and give them a good sort-through. There wasn’t […]

Kitchen Decluttering, the Abyss

Growing up, we always keep cleaning products under the sink, in both the kitchen and bathroom. Dishwashing soap, SOS pads, Formula 409, Windex, Pledge, maybe spare sponges, rags, and rubber gloves were kept under the kitchen sink, and Comet cleanser, spare bars of soap, extra shampoo and conditioner, and –ahem– “feminine” and “masculine” products were in the bathroom. Parents then […]

Kitchen Decluttering, Phase 1

When someone decides to become a minimalist or wants to begin decluttering their home, perhaps the most-asked question is: “Where do I start?” It’s a valid question. People who start on this journey are tired of looking around and seeing the piles and piles of stuff. They know they need to get rid of it—or at least, most of it—but […]