Happy Fall, Y’All!

We interrupt your wait for the scheduled blog post about clothes to bring you the following……….

It’s that lovely time of year when our thoughts turn to falling leaves, cooler temperatures, and pumpkin spice everything.

Even this…


This weekend, I decided to pull all the fall decorations out of the attic and give them a good sort-through. There wasn’t much, so it didn’t take long. One 30 gallon bin (tinted orange, of course), one kitchen-size trash bag containing a folded up scarecrow, two lamp stands, and a door wreath. Some of the items contained within the bin are Halloween specific while the rest are general harvest decorations.

The scarecrow went straight out to the front porch. Of all the decorations, he’s my favorite. One of the lamp stands compliments it perfectly, so it goes next to him. The other lamp stand (not pictured) will go by the front door.




My second favorite is this trio of Halloween pumpkins. They went to a place of honor on the mantle. Two smaller items flank the pumpkins.


Dracula will stay here inside in front of the cabinet and will move out to the porch closer to Halloween. And…that’s it. That’s all I want. The rest will be donated some time this week, probably Tuesday.


This was an easy sort to do simply because there wasn’t much to sort through. Some of the things I truly liked, while others I won’t lose any sleep over once they’re out of the house. None of them were antiques or had been in my family for years and therefore had any kind of sentimental value. They were all things Mom had bought within the last five years or so. And best of all, everything except for the lamp stands will fit nicely back into the storage bin to wait for next fall.

If I had to keep only one item, it would be the scarecrow. The trio of pumpkins would be my second choice. Drac would be third. I’m not a big fan of Halloween, but I really like ol’ Drac. I think I’ll see if I have any appropriate fabric and whip up a trick or treat bag for him. There should be something on that outstretched hand of his, and what else would Dracula want on Halloween but candy?


This is the ideal time of year to donate your unwanted fall décor because this is when bargain shoppers are looking for great deals at the thrift and charity shops. Sure, there are great bargains to be had at the department store after the season is over, but die-hard decorators want new-to-them decorations now, not later. If you want until after Halloween or Thanksgiving, the thrift and charity stores may not hold on to them until the following year. (What happens to them? I think you can guess…)

The same holds true for Christmas décor. I will go through mine the first or second weekend in November and make my donations early. I have a lot more Christmas stuff than fall stuff, so it’s going to take a lot longer. And, of course, I’ll be back to let you know how it went.

We now return to you to your regularly scheduled waiting pattern for the blog post on clothes.

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