Changing Gears (Slightly)

Changing gears is not always easy.

Changing Gears

When I started this blog, I didn’t want it to be one of those that only offered advice and instruction on how to declutter and minimize. I intended it to be an online journal of my journey. Plus, there are plenty of other minimalism and decluttering sites out there offering advice and instruction. What more could I do but read their advice and regurgitate it here?

I still want to share my ongoing experience with you. Decluttering, however, is not a daily event. Sometimes, it’s not even a weekly event. Blogs need regular updates to keep readers engaged.

It’s time for a change. At least a little bit. I will continue to blog my journey. After all, I still have a lot left to do, both with my mother’s stuff and with my own. But I will start to turn myself toward where I didn’t initially want to go…advice and instruction. I am learning a lot and I feel a kind of obligation to pass on my knowledge.

After analyzing my own internet surfing habits, I found that once I settle on a couple sites that offer advice I can relate to, written in a way that resonates with me, I don’t look for any more. Occasionally, I’ll click on a link that refers to another site, but for the most part, I stick to the familiar.

And just maybe, dear reader, you’re the same. Maybe you’ve decided you like my writing style and you’re interested in learning more from me. I wouldn’t be serving you very well with a blog that only updates a few times a month with no real take-away knowledge.

So I’m changing gears and broadening my focus by providing more information, instruction, and advice. I learn best when I experiment and take action rather than just read and study. I figure my knowledge in decluttering and minimalizing will grow as I teach you.

Let’s grow in knowledge together.

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