Kitchen Decluttering, Phase 1

When someone decides to become a minimalist or wants to begin decluttering their home, perhaps the most-asked question is: “Where do I start?” It’s a valid question. People who start on this journey are tired of looking around and seeing the piles and piles of stuff. They know they need to get rid of it—or at least, most of it—but […]

What is Minimalism? pt 2

Why minimalism? Are you interested in minimalism because you heard it was a trendy way to decorate your home? If you’re a trend follower, then go ahead and decorate your home in a minimalist style. Sell your furniture and replace it all with items you picked out of the IKEA catalog. Paint all your walls white. Go through what’s left […]

What is Minimalism? pt 1

If you’ve only just heard about minimalism, you’re probably wondering what exactly it is, how to define minimalism, and what it means to those who practice it. I think to understand what minimalism is, you must first understand what it is not. What isn’t minimalism? Some think minimalism is all about blank white walls, blonde wood furniture, clear surfaces, and […]

Hello, Greetings, and Welcome

Hello, greetings, and welcome to my minimalism blog! My name is JackiAnne and I’ll be your host. —Of course you’ll be our host…it’s your blog! Forgive me. That was Betsy, also known as my “inner voice.” She’s also my “inner critic,” “inner editor,” and all sorts of other “inners” that float through my mind. She tends to come out at […]